Visual artist Felice Hapetzeder


A Video Art History

Limits of forgiveness 2007- 2017

July 19

Yesterday Was No Good Day (Lost Monuments)


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A Video Art History

A Video Art History takes off in the video-art collectives of the '60s and' 70s in the USA, which are largely excluded from the history of art. They portrayed community in a form of activism as opposed to media’s exclusion of everything that was considered diverse.
A Video Art History is the result of joint creative processes in different configurations and works in the exhibition in different ways located in the field of tension between individual and collective creativity, as well as between a more documentary- respectively formal approach.
The exhibition poses the question of what happens when history – in this case about collaboration – is written by an individual? The artist inevitably manifests itself as a product by fetischizing of the own oeuvre within its systems. But the potential to elevate the cooperation itself with the creative and content related benefits it provides, prevail. The works created through various forms of cooperation may not have the absolute qualities which the work of an individual can achieve, but have the capacity to carry other, sprawling, more open, discursive and possibly egalitarian values. The children are the ones that will hopefully form the actual video art collective of the future.
For the exhibition new works in collaboration with children from the area were created. Stagings where they examined social, spatial and aesthetic circumstances through video as practice appear in a digital photography and video from the filming children's point of view. Images from solo show at Gallieri 54 Gothemburg. Exercises for a coming video art collective #1-3 (series in process)