Artists and works


Jessica Faiss
there is no comfort in faith

Tina Carlsson
Under a sky 2 February 2010 at 11.55-15.32 at café Mahogny - from Mahogny to Bogotá

Åsa Jungnelius
Photographer: Fina Sundqvist


Magnus Wassborg
Casual Game

Karin Dahl

Magnus Mattsson
Partiture Of The Illiterate

Alejandra Lundén
About 'Excalibur'


Catti Brandelius

Lisa Torell
"Du och jag.
Bilden av oss - hemma och borta." Svensk version

'You and I.
The image of us - home and away.' English version

Ulrika Sparre
'I will answer you'

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